Vietnam, Forget Me... Forget Me Not

Map by LonelyPlanet

Our exit from Vietnam was one of the most shameful, cowardly, and politically expedient of all time. Now its like if we just ignore it, it will go away. We owe a debt to the Vietnamese people. It's past time for us to do our share.

A seed of freedom has been planted there that will never burn out. They are free capitalists at heart and their economy shows it. The Family Feud is on television! In Vietnamese!

On a recent visit to Vietnam I was struck by the progress throughout Vietnam. The central government has done a good job of promoting and improving the country. The beaches are beautiful and there are many new hotels and restaurants. Tourism is booming. The Europeans discovered Vietnam as a paradise tourist destination decades ago but Americans have been slow in returning other than a pocket of veterans wanting to see whats become of a country many of them loved.

Consider a vacation in Vietnam, spend some money and have a great time!

I love Vietnam and the Vietnamese people. Support the Vietnamese people whenever you can.

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